Dog training
without treats

Do you need help with dog behaviour problems?

Training can help to identify and improve a number of dog behavioural problems. I offer quick, simple and effective cures without using harsh methods or the need for treats.



The first step is to identify the cause of aggression before demonstrating methods of correction.


Pulling on the lead

I will show you how to correct and control your dog's pulling and lunging on the lead.


Jumping up

It usually takes less than 10 minutes to stop a dog jumping up. You'll be amazed how simple it is.


Separation anxiety

Your dog can't be left or follows you everywhere? I know several techniques to solve this problem.


Nervous dogs

Nervousness usually stems from poor communication between humans and dogs. The trick is to use simple, clear signals that a dog understands. Result? Trust and understanding.


Rescue dogs

I work closely with rescue centres and their clients to rehabilitate dogs from all over Europe.

"Since Ade has shown ‘us' how to behave with Alfie and the improvement is unbelievable!"
Amanda from Coloerton
"It's deepened our understanding of dog behaviour and in turn our confidence with handling Bowie"
Hayley from Kibworth
"Ade was my last resort, I wish he was my first! I've wasted so much money on inappropriate advice."
Janet from Nottingham


Dog training without treats

Training programme for owners and dogs which will change your lives. Covering common problems and simple training methods that work on any dog.

  • Easy to use training methods
  • Answers to most common dog problems
  • The truth about trainers and behaviourists
  • Real life success stories from our clients


Individual training

Behaviour problems can usually be resolved in one session. A typical session takes two to three hours, most of which is spent working with the dog and the owners. After assessing the dogs behaviour and the owners handling we will find the cause of the behaviour and show you several training techniques to try at home.

Making sure you and your dog get the best out of training

Ade Howe Dog behaviourist